Thursday, January 29, 2009

The initial post for all you trance lovers

Here I am going to be posting links to certain songs that remind me of ways I have felt in the past, or songs that invoke certain emotions at the present moment. For the sake of sanity I'm not posting who or what the songs relate to but if you know me well enough I'm sure you can figure it out! Most of the tracks have Youtube equivalents, some I had to get from other sites for the copy I was looking for.

1. Svenson feat. John Robinson - Lover (Original Mix)
This track is beautiful end of story. "Curtain cracks on a Sunday morning, the sun beams light your hair, yeah it does in my head, not today in my bed, cause baby your not here." This song moved me so deeply when I first heard it I doubt that anyone could comprehend the countless numbers of thoughts and emotions that went through my mind.

2. Deadmau5 & Kaskade - I Remember (D Dub Edit)
Pure audible bliss. That is what this track is. Perfect opening to glide through the trees on a winter morning, or sit and relax on the beach and tune everyone else out. With a slight sense of mourning, and nostalgia in the harmonics of the track you know that this track brings back your past into full view for you to love, lust, lose and forget. "Feeling the past moving in, letting a new day begin, hold to the time that you know, you don't have to move on to let go"

3. Darude Feat. Blake Lewis - I Ran (Randy Boyer Remix)
So very true "I ran, I ran so very far away, I ran, but I couldn't get away" I've been running from you for so long now, maybe I will never get away, but hopefully I can get far enough away to be normal again. For those who are running from someone or something, listen to this track and let it help you understand whatever it is that you aren't.

4. Ferry Tayle feat. Manuel Le Saux - Roma Airport
No lyrics on this one just pure uplifting trance. The kind that unfortunately with the birth of hard house and Electro isn't very common anymore. A track to really make you remember the best things about life. A warm afternoon in the summer, solitude on a beach, or a club going wild around you. Something everyone needs to be able to experience is the feeling this track brings you.

5. Wallbridge & Ashley - The Embrace (Aurosonic's Waiting For Sunrise Mix)

More uplifting trance. I just can't seem to get away from this stuff and after you listen to this track you will know why. Just close your eyes and let tracks like this take you anywhere that you want to go. The feeling of happiness and openness is something that is all to forgotten in the world we live in today. I feel if more people could be in touch with the power that music like this has then our world would be a much happier place. Don't let yourself get caught up in everything! Take your time to relax and smell the roses, or fly over a beautiful landscape with a track like this!

6. ATB - Believe in Me

Now I will say that I have been listening to this song for a few days now and man it has some real connotation into my life. Even the words themselves relate to may past and present. And god I can't help but feel it is a true meaning to my life. I love this artist so much, yet he represents one of the nights in my life I actually regret. The lyrics in this song are so true the I believe (no pun intended) that everyone should listen to this song. If you know who you are when I play this song, Believe in me....

7. Angel City - Do you Know

For whats its worth. HOLY SHIT. Very few tracks are able to make me do that. And I mean that when I say it. This track is amazing "Do you know only you can save me." Let me tell you it seems almost a match made perfectly that this song pop in after the last. Their meanings go so well together, its almost perfect. "Don't hesitate its not to late, I go crazy"

8. ATB - I Don't Wanna Stop

You had to know that a few tracks from this artist were gonna be here. I'll never forget when you introduced me to this artist. Emo-Trance you called it haha what good times. "When the waves crash beneath us, way down below this empty feeling, I don't wanna stop", "Can we dance like everything is alright, can we trade the day in for the night" This track is so emotional its hard to imagine what the lyrics could actually mean since they could mean so many things to so many different types of people.Still doesn't mean it's not an amazing track!

9. Chicane Ft. Peter Cunnah - Love On The Run

Anyone who listens to real trance knows that Chicane is absolutely incredible for invoking emotions. This track is no exception. "Like love on the run there will be tomorrow, the stars and the sun every beam I'll follow, Together we're dancing all night long, together we're dancing on and on." Let me tell you this track makes me feel outstanding. I wish I had the ability to create such an anthem. The track itself is so inspirational.

10. Michael Mind - Ride like the Wind

Another great track with lyrics that reach in and make you wonder what you really feel. Thinking about these lyrics makes me wonder where I am, where I am going, and how I am going to get there. " It is the night, my body's weak, I'm on the road, and I've got to ride like the wind to be free again"

11.Phynn - Starfire At Night

"Starfire at night, has got me so lonely, once by my side your always gonna haunt me." One track from a not very well known artist, but wow talk about some lyrics. Listening to these makes you wonder about why your so lonely, and what you can do to change it.

12. Tiësto feat. Jes - Everything (Cosmic Gate B2B3 Intro Mix)

The only words I have for this track can't even come close to listening to the track itself. This is one of the most deeply moving intro tracks I have ever heard. And when you get a chance to hear the lyrics you understand why. "Pure inebriation" as the great Willy Wonka would say it.

13. Amiel - Lovesong (Scumfrog Radio Edit)

This one is a little darker and you know who its for if you know me at all. Wait for the lyrics to kick and you understand why I have thrown this track in. Very upsetting but true lyric when you look at how it relates to some of our lives. "I've just went and made another fucking love song."

14. Cedric Gervai - Spirit In My Life (Second Sun Remix)

Had to go to a different site this time to get the exact mix I was looking for but none the less another song pointed directly and someone. This song has some deep reaching lyrics in it and ones that would pry make everyone really think about where they have been.

15. DT8 feat. Roxanne Wilde - Destinations (Above & Beyond Mix)

Above & Beyond had to make it on the list simply because their tracks are so incredible. "Your are the air I breath, you are the earth beneath." Just listen to that and tell me it doesn't invoke something for you!

16.Jonas Steur - Second Turn

This track was used in the movie Never Back Down, and with its southern style guitar rifts you can see why. It's a little intense to get into at first because it has a heavy repetition intro, but once the actual song kicks talk about incredible. Get lost in trance with this incredible melody. Sounds of Sirens, and the ambient southern flair make this song one to run, swim, bike, or relax with. The real amazing part of this track doesn't even begin to kick in until about three minuets in. Fast forward if you must, for me this melody is all to entrancing to rush. After about three minuets just do what I do, close you eyes, lean back, and imagine.

17. Jonas Steur - Sonrisa

Two in a row from this amazing producer. This one is another trance melody, meaning sunrise in I believe Spanish. Still an amazing trance tune to enjoy no matter how your feeling this track is sure to uplift you into high spirits and leave you loving life.

18. Sunlounger - Aguas Blancas (DJ Shah Original Mix)

Another song with a lot of southern flair to it. Just a great song to relax to. As simple as that.

19. Kamaya Painters - Soft Light (Original Mix)

An Alias of the great Tiësto himself The second to last hit on the list is once again a trance melody that will bring you back to your basics. If you were ever wondering where the feeling of loss comes from, I would suggest asking the creators of this song because they are able to so easy instill that feeling into this melody. Listen and enjoy, but don't ever forget.

20. ATB - Summer Rain (136 BPM Mix)

You have gotten this track from me before, and you know who you are. The last track on the list, for any of you still listening after all these I commend you. Not many people have my hunger for this genre of music. "She comes running through your veins, just like summer rain." The one line that keeps me wanting more trance right there from the one and only ATB.

For all of you who enjoyed the list feel free to comment, or send me a message to receive a copy of any of these wonderful tracks. Till the next note Cheers!

It's not a dream if it becomes reality,When you make your dreams into reality, its called a vision.

Listening to: Darude - I Ran (Randy Boyer Remix)